About Us

I'm mom to four kids, teaching college, and living a bilingual, bi-cultural life with my immigrant husband in the rural Midwest. We are two-cultured in a number of ways: Japanese/American, Autistic/Neuro-typical, Cosmopolitan/Rural. In other words, we are fish out of water practically everywhere we go. These days we're also organic, gluten-free, and trying to live as naturally as possible--no easy feat in a town of less than 20,000.

If you're looking for a super mom or a Pinterest-worthy blog, you're not in the right place. I'm about as crafty as a sock. I can cook but hate it, and the only thing I seem to DIY consistently is pack. My parenting style is more cerebral than might be healthy, but my posts are always honest, usually funny, and rarely sappy. If that's your thing, this is the place for you.

Cast of Characters

Skywalker (a.k.a Sky) gets his name from his strong identification with and affinity for Luke Skywalker. Star Wars, Lego and drawing are his passions. He's also really into music and figuring out how things work. He is a teenager and diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Believe me, this explains a lot!

Pink Princess (a.k.a. Pink P) is in sixth grade and gets her name from two of her first loves. These days she's into basketball, horses and adventure reading, but the name has stuck. Pink's just feisty enough to manage her two crazy brothers. She has asthma and severe food allergies to a variety of things, but don't worry, that doesn't seem to slow her down!

My Little Stowaway (a.k.a. Stow) is our zen yet stealth ninja baby turned third grader. He's still not sure we're the family for him, but since he's got some language and sensory issues and an allergy or two, I suspect he feels right at home. I doubt he'd admit it though...

Big Sissy doesn't live with us anymore because, well, she's all grown up. But she still she comes to visit from time to time. And thanks to her, I got to warm-up my momming skills without having to change any diapers! She was my first kid and I was her first mom no matter what anyone tells you.

Renaissance Man (a.k.a Ren) knows a little bit of everything about everything, can fix anything, and has a solution for most of life's conundrums. In a past life, he worked for the Japanese government. In this one, he is the stay-at-home-parent glue that holds the family together. These days, he seems to have made it a habit to have back surgeries, so I write about that a lot here, too.

Mom on the Edge (a.k.a. Moe). That's me. Things that seem like good ideas to me don't to other people. How else can I explain asking my spouse to give up his very lucrative job so we could move to the US so I could get a Ph.D.? I suppose you could say I like to face challenges head-on and live life on the edge. Funny how having kids lets me do this daily...


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