Friday, December 18, 2020

What Stow Wants You to Know about ASD

Seven years ago, I asked Sky to guest post on my blog so he could tell you what it is like to live with autism. He was nine years old. Stow is 9 years old now, and the post we shared then (link: What Sky Wants You to Know about ASD) could have been written by Stow now. The main difference between Sky and Stow is their preferred medium. Sky expressed himself most in art, but Stow is a video guy. He often walks around the house narrating his life and making videos for his imaginary YouTube audience. Where Sky wanted to become an artist at age 9, Stow wants to become a YouTube star. 

To be honest, I didn't notice the similarities until I came across the old guest post by Sky. But, looking at that post and comparing it to the video Stow made to show his class, it's a bit uncanny. The takeaway? Being autistic is hard and trying to "pass" as neurotypical at school takes A LOT of energy.  

Stow hopes you enjoy the video and that it teaches you something you didn't know about autism. As for me, I hate being filmed, but I'd do just about anything to help my kids feel like they have control over the stories they tell about themselves and their lives. 

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