Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Life Goes On, Really

Today I laughed, I mean really laughed, for the first time in a long, long time. Sure, it was inappropriate and in reaction to Stow's misuse of the word "attitude," and, sure, my laughter led him to throw pillows and then punches at me, but eventually, he was laughing, too.

Stow re-enacts his heroic efforts to "survive" the flash flood that happened on campus today when the storm drains clogged and our car was surrounded by rushing water a few inches deep. The tall fry is me, and the ketchup is the water.
Also today, the boys got haircuts, and the girl had fun at horse camp. Something that felt like progress happened at the kids' therapy session, and the teenager actually smiled.

Plus, no one cried.

Produce from our vegetable garden.
Life does indeed go on.

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Princess Morag said...

No one cried? That's a good day!

trellian said...

You feel like nothing goes well but kids grow and, one day, maybe because you gave up expecting it, a smile/a helpful gesture/an unprompted apology happens and you realize that you've been paying too much attention to the failures and not enough to the ways you did not fail them.
I'm in awe of you.