Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Why I Hate Childhood Asthma Reason #17873

Why I Hate Childhood Asthma Reason #17873: This overnight bag Pink packs with a stuffed animal, some books, and a blanket every time she gets a cold.
Sometimes it sits like this next to my dresser for a few days as we wait and watch and wonder if we will need to take a very-late-night/very-early-morning trip to the ER. And, sometimes she even gets to unpack it without needing to use it.

But, other times...

Other times, she ends up down in the red zone so deep and so fast that we find ourselves rushing to pack it so she has something to comfort her during the seemingly endless ER waits.

One day we will get this asthma back under control, but for now, I think I'll go on hating the uncertainty it causes and the fact it makes this sweet girl automatically pack up an overnight bag "just in case."

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