Friday, September 12, 2014

Meanwhile, Stow.....

So, you guys know Ren is recovering from spine surgery, Sky is struggling to keep his cool despite the fact the world seems to conspire to create chaos, and Pink is fighting the high mold count with coughs and sniffles. But, what about Stow?

While he doesn't always appear in my posts, Stow has been actively working to keep all of us on our toes. In fact, he keeps us so busy (by causing more trouble than should be possible by a single human being), that I find it difficult to find the time to write about him in whole paragraphs.

The art of haiku seems best suited to describing his antics.

Though the air grows cold
Stow wears no pants or skivvies
potty train for months

Why use the toilet
when options are limitless
puddle on the floor

Sleep in big boy bed?
Oh, the possibilities
nighttime Lego thief

Hey, no one's watching
unexpected good fortune
eat all the cookies

Feeling kinda parched?
Raid the recycling bin
Mmm, back wash cola

Meds on the top shelf
childproof caps are for sissies
Mom, look what I've got

So long precious nap
no one sleeps but dumb babies
just wait 'til I'm 4

Just so you know, in the time it took you to read these haiku, Stow has taken over the world. Good luck. Trust me--you'll need it.

Have kids when you're young
that's what everyone told us
Stow proves the adage

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