Sunday, August 31, 2014

Better Than Perfect

Yesterday, we had one of those days that I could have bragged about on Facebook. I mean, on the surface, it was perfect. We all went to the tennis court where the older two reviewed tennis lesson skills with me while Ren and Stow explored the woods around the court.  Afterwards, we went downtown to the local farm-to-table restaurant where the kids ate organic, gluten- and casein-free meals.

It was tempting to take a picture of Sky and Pink in their tennis gear picking up tennis balls; I could've posted a picture of it with a caption like "Ready to go pro any minute now!"

But, I didn't.

Truth be told, Sky verged on a meltdown most of the lesson, first because he didn't want Pink P to be able to play, too. Then because he couldn't hit the ball well. Then because he didn't like the tone of voice with which I was instructing him, and finally because I ended our lesson after about 45 minutes (of him complaining). Pink, meanwhile, cried because I didn't bring enough water. Or snacks. Or juice. And, Stow? Well, Stow "explored" his environment by running every which way all at once with a cane-wielding Ren left hopelessly in his dust. The awesome meal cost a lot of money and included antsy kids passing the baton to and from the bathroom. Plus, everyone was still hungry when we got home. Fifteen minutes after walking in the door, I was left to bathe and get all three kids to bed when Ren headed off to a glamorous (not) sleep study where they would determine just how bad his sleep apnea is and how much it impacts his less-than-perfect heart.

The day wasn't terrible. But it certainly wasn't brag worthy.

Have you seen this video about the truth and lies of social media? If not, you should. It's a good reminder of how we are all constructing these social media lives of ours and how we should think a little more about what we are doing. We all have lies and half truths we tell each other online. I guess that's what makes social media simultaneously fascinating and terrifying.

I'm not quite ready to kick social media to the curb quite yet, though. Used right, it can help us make meaningful and real connections. It teaches us. It inspires us. It allows us to change the world, even in our own little ways -- like the YouTube clip of my high school friend's son Jack singing "Roar" or another high school friend's website about his son's courageous battle against leukemia. These are what keep me on Facebook--the stories that move me and remind me that even though my life doesn't always look that great, it's pretty darn good just the same.

We are, all of us, making our way through this world the best we know how. Maybe instead of using social media as a place where we brag about our accomplishments and show off our lives, we can use it to become the village it takes to raise our children. That's my goal, anyway, that somehow some of my story will help inspire you to live yours fully--even when it's not pretty.

For the record, I have every intention of taking Sky out to play tennis again tomorrow. He'll probably yell and hit balls over the fence and into the overgrowth just beyond. Pink will probably cry about how unfair I am, and Stow will most certainly eat something not meant to be eaten and break something not meant to be broken. In other words, I plan to keep enjoying this crazy, mixed-up life of mine--after all, it's certainly better than perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MOE! I don't comment very often but I've been reading your blog for two years. One reason I keep coming back to your page is because you write from the heart and it shows. Thanks for sharing your family adventures so honestly with strangers.