Saturday, May 17, 2014

So Apparently I Shouldn't Be Allowed to Hang Pictures

My parents came to visit. They were nice enough to point out something none of you, my fine readers, had the guts to point out. All of the pictures I hung are too far apart. Of course, they immediately set about remedying the problem and proceeded to hang the rest of our pictures.

284 days after our move, we finally have all the pictures on the wall. So, finally, I can show you Stow's room.

The paint "Lone Star Quilt" was our biggest shock when we finally moved into the house. The color, which seemed so mellow on the tiny sample card, radiated all the way into the hall and screamed at me down the steps. But then we started putting our stuff in it: the fish rug from the old play room and the storage baskets from Sky's old room. And suddenly I realized it was the perfect color. It even kind of matches the train pictures I'd bought on sale months before our move. Let's just call it dumb luck.

Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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Stephanie said...

We had a similar effect with a shade of green for L's nursery. We loved it in the store. When we left to run errands the neighbor kid said. "Wow! That's green!" but we didn't notice until we came home and said, 'Wow. What have we done?" We ended up loving it, but it WAS green.

By the way, the shade's name? Afternoon Delight. I kid. you. not.