Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One of Those Mornings

Someone woke up at 3 and threw up every fifteen minutes for exactly three hours until the exact moment my alarm when off. Then she stopped and hasn't done it since.

Someone else pottied on the floor. The usual suspect was wearing a diaper and didn't seem to have a large enough window of opportunity to pull it off,*** so maybe it wasn't a someone, but a something....But what?

Another someone had a meltdown due to a missing toy car which made it very difficult for him to think about getting on the school bus.

No one had a calm, cool and collected morning--I mean, it was ugly. But, what really got me this morning was this:

It turns out that this is one of those mornings when I discover I've left not one, but three lunch boxes at work and am forced to walk from my car to my office holding Pink's old Hello Kitty lunch box at my side.

Look at her. She's clearly mocking me.

***I know I should just let my pun do it's magic without point it out, but I just can't. Do you like my pun?!?!


FMBMC said...

I think she's flipping off anybody who dares make fun of your lunchbox.

Mom on the Edge said...