Monday, March 24, 2014

Stow Takes Over the World

Well, the good news is that Ren figured out how to re-child-proof the pantry. It's not as easy as you'd think. Most of the traditional approaches haven't worked. One required grown-ups to pry the door open with the help of a small flathead screw driver. But even that plan failed when Stow found enough strength to bend the latch permanently. Ren even considered fitting the pantry with one of our old outside door knobs with its keyed lock. We couldn't remember where we'd put the keys, though, so that idea never really got off the ground.

Before Ren hit upon the current childproofing method, Stow managed to find the means and motivation to reach even the highest shelf in the pantry. He required constant supervision. One day, over the course of not all that many minutes, he stealthily ate half the contents of the second shelf. Fortunately, the food in the pantry is all dairy and gluten free. Unfortunately, in that brief unsupervised period, Stow managed to consume most of the cereal and at least two days worth of lunchbox fillers.

The child is relentless.

He also appears to be bottomless. As I type this, he is standing in front of me, eating a clementine he secured (by climbing up onto the counter) and peeled all by himself. He's telling me, "I eat fruit. Pon pon** feel better." A little while ago, he told me that his pon pon hurt and the only thing that would help it was apple sauce and possibly a granola bar. By the time I finish this paragraph, he will have peeled and eaten four clementines. Four.

Managing three energetic, curious, and often mischievous kids while also working and dealing with Ren's back issues hasn't been easy. Still, we trudge ahead. We've been very fortunate to have the help of friends and family. My parents came while we were at Mayo. Big Sissy came and stayed a few days the following week when I had to go to New York for a conference. One friend had them over for a play date. Another friend brought dinner. A third took them to the gym, the library, and out to eat, all so Ren could get a few hours off while I was gone. I'm glad for the help. Especially since without it, I'm pretty sure our toddler just might take over the world.

Case in point--the photo stream from my trip:

Washington Square Arch

Stow selfie?!?!!

Empire State Building
Not only can the kid take a selfie. He also seems to know how to independently change the iPad photo stream settings, inadvertently providing photographic evidence that you should always sleep with one eye open around Stow. Always.

**"Pon pon" is Japanese toddler-speak for stomach.

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