Sunday, December 8, 2013

Me and My Big Ideas

So this week, I had one success and one near catastrophe.

First, the success: I found a great use for the last of Pink P's pull-up boxes.

If things don't get picked up, they go in the box. If the box gets full, it goes to Good Will. Simple and quite effective so far. For the past week, Sky and Pink have consistently checked the box to make sure there's nothing in there. And when they find something, they make sure it gets put away. I assure you they have never been this aware of the stuff they leave on my desk or the floor.

This box idea was going so well, I started to feel pretty good about my parenting skills. But then I inadvertently ended up having "the talk" with Sky, which is kind of funny since I was joking just last week about how "the talk" was about Santa. I guess I paid for THAT joke. And the funniest part is that as I was explaining the birds and the bees to Sky, I somehow made a connection between Santa and sex. I wonder how many hours of therapy that will take to undo?

Actually, the conversation went pretty well, so stay tuned. Once the shock has worn off, if I can figure out a way to recount the conversation coherently, I'll post about it.

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