Thursday, December 12, 2013

And Then I Got Reverse Love Bombed

When I got up this morning, Ren handed me this. "Sky said we should open it together."

So, we did. And we were both kind of blown away. It's not our birthdays or mother's/father's day. It's just a regular weekday in December.

Although, not any more.

See, I was really in need of a love bomb, too. The last five months have been so great and so hard. We love our new house, and I really do have the best job. But, moving is hard. Everything takes time. The kids have struggled to settle in. And then, the back surgery.

It's difficult to put into words what it's like to go through multiple major surgeries with a loved one. I mean, it's hard, obviously. Life is turned on its ear--the routines fall apart and the work piles up. By about 15 days post-op, I lose my patience with everyone (and especially Ren). Unfortunately, recovery takes much longer. Days 16 to 160 kind of stink. I feel simultaneously pissed off and guilty for feeling pissed off. I'm pretty sure Ren goes through something similar. He feels guilty for being grumpy and for asking me to do things he used to be able to do for himself. We fight. Because he wants to do more and I don't want him to overdo it even when I really do need the help. I can't face the idea of another back surgery, so my pleas with him to let me take care of things have a certain urgency that he doesn't appreciate. It's all so ridiculous and so understandable and so darn frustrating. So, Sky's timing is pretty impeccable.

Thanks for the love bomb, Buddy! We needed it.


viviane said...

Kids are great !

Mama D said...

Bless his heart. Just what the both of you needed!!