Monday, September 16, 2013

Aaaand, We Have a Winner

Thanks to everyone who visited Big Sissy's Etsy shop and offered feedback. After an exceedingly high-tech selection process (i.e. Sissy put the names in a hat and picked one), we have a winner.


Come on down. You're the next contestant the proud new owner of an original watercolor by the only person who can say she survived childhood with me as her mom. Send your address to me at to collect your prize.

In case the rest of you are wondering, Stacy liked this picture best:

I guess I can't blame her. It is pretty awesome. Me? Well, I'm still waiting for my hand-painted original birthday present. I hear it's pretty cool.

And, oh yeah, if you haven't checked it out already, please go to Big Sissy's Etsy shop Kokoro Watercolor. Seriously, don't make me have to tell you again!


Apparently, I have trouble distinguishing between "Leaves" and "Feathers." Stacy chose this picture:

...which means, lucky for the rest of you, the other one's still available!

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