Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thoughtless Thursday

Seems the packing/managing two houses/having life spread over multiple states/dealing with ASD kid who's entered pre-move implosion phase affects my ability to be articulate, so today, I bring you "Thoughtless Thursday."

Actually, we should probably call it "Minimally Thought-out Thursday," but I hate to lose the alliteration.

Yeah, so anyway, without further ado, I give to you:

The Bane of My Existence

Don't let the teeny-tiny cuteness fool you.

I know they seem all harmless and everything, but these tiny tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) sauce* holders can ruin an entire day. Sure, you say, they're so cute and friendly, and gosh, they're so small, what possible trouble could they cause? You try getting a serving of tonkatsu sauce into one of these! I managed to get about a half a teaspoon into them before I gave up. The kids didn't complain. After all no one else at their respective summer camps had miniature sauce-holding animals in their lunches, but you see, this is exactly the thing that Japanese moms do to make me feel so darn incompetent. How do they get the sauce into this one-inch long container with an opening about the size of a pencil tip without splattering their shirts (and half the kitchen)? And why can't they just go ahead and put the sauce on the cutlet? Sure, it'll be a little soggy come lunch time, but, really, can't we all agree it's better for everyone if the bar is set low?


Disclaimer: If you're new here and feeling cheated by my lame post (people who've been reading for awhile know that this is just the way it goes sometimes), I encourage you to look at some of my other ones. Most recently, I kind of like the one about my kids getting glasses. Then there's the top ten list over there on the side. I kind of like those, too.

* Tonkatsu sauce is basically a sweet brown sauce used specifically for fried pork cutlets.


Tenntrace said...

ROFL! This is too funny. I showed pictures to my youngest daughter of your great bento box lunches, and while she thought they were really neat, she said that it would get old all the time having people come over to stare at her lunch. Being 13, it's not okay to be the center of attention for "differentness". She already has to deal with "vultures" because she often takes leftovers in a thermos, and apparently other kid's moms never cook "real" food. Since her jelly on pbj sandwiches is also homemade (and the pita bread/bagels/etc) even a simple pbj sandwich isn't safe. Other than using a teeny tiny funnel, I would have to send sauceless or soggy cutlets.

Mom on the Edge said...

I tried using a medicine syringe, but it created a vacuum and lead to projectile sauce.

FMBMC said...

Hmm, I was thinking medicine dropper, too...can you put some sauce on a plate, squeeze some of the air out of the sauce holder, then suck up the sauce into the sauce holder as you let up pressure on it? Kind of like sucking water up into those bath ducks that act like mini quirt guns. I do this with shampoo bottles in the shower more than I care to admit.

Mom on the Edge said...

Tried that, but the bottles are so tiny, they don't create enough of a vacuum to suck up any of the sauce.

Heather said...

I was gonna suggest the submerse/squeeze technique too. What about getting a syringe from the pharmacy? You can usually buy the small ones (like those used for insulin) easily by asking for them.

Love your blog! I discovered it a few months ago :)

Mom on the Edge said...

Yup. Tried that. Failure!

Thanks for reading!!

Mama D said...

There may be such a thing as "too Japanese." If so, this is probably it!! ;)