Monday, May 6, 2013

Wardrobe Swap

Okay, so I had a chance to swap out the kids' clothes this weekend (which means that the temperature bottomed out and now they have nothing to wear, but that's another story).

Here are a few more shirts. Apologies for the lifeless shots. It's funny, but my kids really don't want to model them for my blog. Trust me, it was a lot easier to spread these out flat and take the pictures.

Straight from the encyclopedia to your shirt. And, nice use of 8th-grade English textbook grammar on the title.

Choco Balls!
Not sure why Pink P doesn't absolutely love this one. Other than the fact that it's not pink, I mean.

This one just kind of speaks for itself.

Qoo -- This is the the one that made Sky no longer want to wear Japanese t-shirts to school. I guess I can see why another first-grade boy might be like WTF?

We don't know why they march. We're just glad they do.

 The original t-shirt post is here.


FMBMC said...

I'm pretending the wardrobe swap isn't coming. La, la, la, la, la. Of course, I've also washed the winter coats twice to put them away for the summer and have had to pull them back out. This last cold snap is not my fault. I've given up putting the winter coats away until June, maybe July to be safe.

Mama D said...

I need the third one from the bottom for myself!! I love the menacing-looking black critter in the middle!