Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Being a Mom

Some days, no, most days, I don't feel like I'm a great mom. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one is because I'm not a terribly emotional or touchy-feely person. I'm rational to a fault. I hate sappy. Beaches? Steel Magnolias? Not a tear. Sure, I cry but not at culturally manufactured emotional manipulation. 

The  image of the mom in American culture is saddled with sappiness (the P&G Olympics commercial comes to mind). And it's not just the hyper-emotionalism surrounding the American love of Mom as ideal, it's also all the pressure on us to do everything right. We should work, but we shouldn't put our kids in daycare. We should breast feed, but we should never, ever nurse in public. We should put our kids in sport, music, and art activities, feed them organic food, and use green household products, but we shouldn't be helicopters. Moms are bound by impossibly contradictory standards. It's all a bit much. And most days,  it leaves me feeling ambivalent about being a mom.

But, today, everything seemed just kind of perfect.

Before you get too excited and think I had some sort of Hallmark moment, I didn't. I DID get to sleep until 7:15 and was awakened by neither fighting siblings nor a toddler with a massively leaky diaper. I DIDN'T, however, go to the bathroom without three interruptions or make it through my shower without someone crying. Nor did I get breakfast in bed or out of the house for church without yelling. But I did get these:

This one's from Ren. It's a promise note for an exceedingly expensive diamond ring. 

Letter from Sky

Plastic bag o' scraps with doodles from Pink P
And they made me realize that my family is just as weird as I am. Plus, they totally get me. I hope yours gets you, too!

Happy Mother's Day!

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viviane said...

Happy belated Mother's day to you ! Ours is in two weeks (I guess ?). Sorry for not commenting last week, but I was in a no-internet vacation.