Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Life in Pictures

Sometimes I just need to share the visual history of my day.

First, there's this:

Sky drew a comic for you. It was about a guy who had a dream that he was stuck in a maze and needed TNT to blow himself out. I could have posted that comic, but it isn't nearly as interesting as the "The Pocket 2000." In Sky's words, this nifty doodad has "two pockets with a hole that you put things into so they can fall out. It has jokes, pictures, and tells you what age it's good for. It's the perfect gift for just about everyone."

I'll let you decide for yourself.

This is pretty self-explanatory. You put in the coin and it slides through. You shouldn't use non-coins or the second hole. If your coin gets stuck, you tip left. Duh.
This side has the games. There is a knock-knock joke, a lift flap, an illustrated guide to making paper airplanes, and even a place for you to practice spelling Sky's name.
Lift the flap and find another joke. I mean, who wouldn't want one of these? Maybe we can mass produce them.
Sky has really been into making these pockets lately, so mass production is a definite possibility. In fact, if you'd like one (or thirty), let me know, and I'll hook you up. I'm wondering, though, should I be concerned that some of Sky's best creations, like this one, are made while he's at school?

Then, there are these:

We've started cleaning out and reorganizing in preparation for our upcoming move (la, la, la, if I cover my ears and sing loud, can I just pretend it's not true?). In the process, I discovered some stationery I bought in Japan several years ago. I still have it because I can't bear to mail it to anyone. It's just too awesome.

"Seeking a Little Dream: I wish to sing a duet with transparent time. A dream makes evolution. Dreams come before I know.  I wish to grow my small dream. Play with dreams!" It's like this stationery can read my mind. I
want to sing a duet with transparent time, and I totally think dreams should make evolution! 
"Toilet*Panda: If only I have this." I know the disembodied panda faces are pretty cool, but do you know what's the coolest about this stationery? It includes memo paper that dissolves in water. Stationery that doubles as toilet paper? Priceless.
Lest you think that the odd stationery is limited to English-language products, here are a couple of Japanese sets I bought.

Because nothing says, "Hi, how are you?" Like two middle school kids awkwardly eating school lunch.
In case you need to practice reading your signs. I could translate them, but it's more fun to let you guys try to figure it out.

It turns out I have a drawer full of gems like these. I feel pretty silly moving them from house to house. I suppose I should write some letters just to spread the joy.


viviane said...

Still wondering about the memo/toilet paper... Love Sky's "Pocket 2000" and specially the joke about how it crossed the street !

Chris 'n Rachel said...

That Pocket 2000 is awesome! My son used to do a lot of 3 dimensional art with paper- cut, folded, taped, decorated. This would have been something he would have made if he'd thought of it. I love the interactive-ness of it. Lift, Watch, Open, Look at Front!