Friday, April 12, 2013

The Three Cows

Well, somehow Sky (age, 8) has convinced his speech therapist to become his creative collaborator. They threw this story together one 45-minute session. I'm not sure there's any great therapeutic benefit to this (you tell me--maybe there is). It DID totally reignited Sky's enthusiasm for speech, so there's that. Hope you enjoy it!

(click on pictures to enlarge_


Shelley said...

Bob and Lizzy thought the fish were epic - love it!

Anonymous said...

Using the word "epic" in 2nd grade? Holy cow! This kid's stories are fantastic.

The speech therapist I took my ASD students to when I was an aide only had them play boring board games. I doubt they ever got anything out of that. If the student had a meltdown when they were with her, she'd call the aide back to remove them from her classroom. She had the easiest job in the whole school and was the highest paid teacher. I always thought that would be a sweet job. But, I digress...I have a hunch that Sky's therapist is more effective. :)