Saturday, March 30, 2013

Recap? Sure, if You Insist!

Well, I posted enough this week that some of you actually got behind. So here's a brief recap. (Click on the bold to follow the link.)  After a few weeks of highly sporadic posting, I finally got around to telling you guys why I've been distracted in The Dog Ate My Blog Post. It's a pretty good excuse, I promise.

A couple of years ago I wrote an Easter post called You Want to Do What with the Eggs? Back then my only worry was how to introduce Easter traditions to my family. This year we have bigger problems, and in  Heaven Help Us I tell you about the epic battle (okay, maybe it's not that epic) to get Pink P to wear an age-appropriate dress for the Easter service.

In May Contain Peanuts I describe what happens when you try to force your black-and-white ASD kid to see shades of grey (no, not the book).  Spoiler alert: it's ugly.

Then there was the day Pink P's Catholic school teacher explained why her middle finger was bad. It didn't go well. In Curses Part 2 I tell you how it happened. The more I think about, the more I wonder whether the teacher may be trying to save Pink's soul, what with the misguided pope hat and all. 

After a bit of hiatus, Sky returned in rare form in "Things that Make Me Curious and Distracted" by Sky, another illustrated guide for why he does what he does. Something tells me this post by Sky won't be as universally applicable as others have been!

Thanks for reading even when I'm not terribly reliable!

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