Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top 10 Sky Meltdown Triggers

Well, I made it ten days. Ten days until I broke down and bought a Diet Coke. So not only did I fail in my goal, but I'm probably also damned (click here if you have no idea what I am talking about). Like I said, I'm new to the whole giving up something for Lent thing, so I'm hoping there are do-overs.  Or maybe my inability to make it for forty days proves my spiritual inferiority? I'm not sure, but I tend to think God doesn't care if I drink Diet Coke or not. I'm a free-wheelin' Protestant, though, so what do I know?

I'll bet you're wondering what drove me to drink (Diet Coke, obviously!). I'm pretty sure it's the full moon. I mean the full moon and its apparent impact on the behavior of a certain 8 y.o. ASD kid I know. Sometimes Sky seems to come a bit unhinged, and I am starting to see that things like changing seasons, unpredictable weather, and the phases of the moon influence this.

The behavioral challenges vary. Sometimes it's a type of echolalia marked by the repetition of certain unsavory words or phrases ("butt" and "poop" come to mind). Other times it's heightened anxiety, and this time it's an increased likelihood of meltdowns. I've said this before, but when Sky melts down, everything else grinds to a halt (although we are getting better at, whenever possible, isolating him with one parent while the other goes about the daily routine with Stow and Pink P). What makes me crazy is that it is nearly impossible to predict why or when Sky will melt down with any kind of accuracy. Two days ago it was a lid left off of a marker (not even his). Today it was Pink P's unclear explanation of the cupcake picture she drew at school.

That said, certain things are sure to get his goat if he's at all out of sorts. Here's a list of the Top 10 Sky Meltdown Triggers:

1. Pink P: Mommy, I'm wearing my fast shoes today, so I'm a cheetah. Sky: No, you're not.  Pink P: Yuh-huhh. Sky: (*meltdown*)
2. The sauce touched my rice! (*meltdown*) 
3. Stop singing princess songs! (*meltdown*)
4. The sun's not out yet, why is it time to wake up? (*meltdown*) 
5. "Homework" doesn't make any sense. We work at school, we don't work at home. Whoever invented homework didn't know what they were talking about. (*meltdown*) 
6. Stow, don't touch my stuff! (*meltdown*) 
7. Nobody understands me! (*meltdown*) 
8. Sky: Pink P that's not how you spell [INSERT WORD HERE]. Pink P: Yuh-huhh Sky: (*meltdown*) 
9. Babies make bad choices! (*meltdown*) 
10. I wish I was an only child! (*meltdown*), or alternatively, I wish I was a twin! (*meltdown*)
Clearly, he's a boy struggling for control of his world, and we'll keep working to help him find the balance between being able to accept what he can't control and being able to take control when he can. Until then, I'm probably gonna need a few Diet Cokes, though. 


Unknown said...

New follower here. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I wanted to let you know I tagged for a "Who the h*ll are you?" gamed on my blog today. No pressure though. :) By the sound of things, you may be a bit busy... ;)

Mama D said...

I don't think God cares one iota if you have a Diet Coke or twelve. Do what you need to do to get yourself and your family through the day!!

Mom on the Edge said...

Thanks, Mama D!

Tenntrace said...

I think we've experienced every one of those in our house, most by dd1(bipolar/aspie). #2, however is the sole realm of dd2. I present the solution - Things remain non touching and can be eaten one at a time.
Meltdowns should improve as he gets older and you keep working on his set of "rules". We had to make behaviors normal people know as rules for dd1.
As a hard learned lesson - please be sure Pink P gets normal interactions with the family outside of interactions involving Skye.
I think we've all had a meltdown about #9 before! Lol
As to the diet coke lapse, God loves and forgives us no matter what. The key is asking forgiveness and moving forward.

Mom on the Edge said...

The weird thing about #2 is that it only applies to rice. He manages to deal if other foods touch one another but doesn't want anything to encroach on his rice. I am hoping the meltdowns improve as he gets older. They're exhausting! And thanks for the reminder re. Pink P. I work to always have special time set aside for her during the week.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Yokohama! just stumbled into your blog today..My 5yr old daughter have ASD too.. I'm still not there yet about accepting the reality..we experienced the same situation like yours that you just described, and it is EXHAUSTING and FRUSTRATING..It's nice to read your blog to know that we're not the only family going through this VERY challenging path of parenting. Best of luck to your family