Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter P and the Number WTH?!?

Too tired to come up with something new, so I'll let the kids write today's blog.**

First, Sky's "essay." I took him with me to a coffee shop yesterday so I could work and he could stay out of Ren's hair for an hour or so. Over a soy hot chocolate, this is what he wrote:

I guess this just goes to show that you can never really have enough Christmas in your life.  It also goes to show that Sky didn't think much of the presents from Mom and Dad this year. WTH?

Sky also has a plan (which he outlined in excruciating detail on the 15-minute ride home from the coffee shop) for how to land a space craft without having to worry about parachute failure or cracked heat shields. It involves an attachment that drills holes into the sides of mountains to slow the ship down. I'm not sure how well that will work, so in the future, if you get a chance to ride on a spaceship, you might just want to make sure he wasn't the head engineer on the project.

Meanwhile, Pink P had fun introducing her much older cousins to our town over the weekend. On our way to eat, she pointed out our church and said with as much gravity as she could muster, "That's our church. It's about God." She said "God" like she was Morgan Freeman narrating the story of the creation of time.

I wanted to share a cool picture Pink drew of two women picking apples by climbing the biggest darn ladder you've ever seen, but Ren threw it away before I could digitize it. Apparently the nuances of the 24-hour rule (link) are lost on him. Too bad, too. It really was a great picture, remarkable most of all because it contained neither a princess, a pony/unicorn, nor the color pink.***

**I know, I know, I know. Super lame, Moe. I promise to do better next time. Really. No, really!
***Somehow the grammar seems wrong on this sentence, but I am too tired to fix it.


Unknown said...

A picture without a princess? In our house that would be a very unique experience!

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I always feel gypped when they like Santa's presents better than Mom & Dad's. I think this year I will send Santa the clothes, underwear and "not as cool" toy list "on accident" and Mom & Dad will get the super awesome presents. In fact - I think I just had the best idea ever. Thanks for that! In your face Santa Claus.

Punky Coletta said...

Heehee, aww. So cute with the Morgan Freeman thing!