Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sometimes These Posts Just Write Themselves

Me: Wow, Sky! That's a great story. I'm going to put it on my blog.

Sky: Are you being sarcastic? (He's dubious because he knows how I feel about violence and undue suffering).

Me: No, really, I'm serious. It's awesome.

Sky: There's a Part 2, you know.

Me: I think Part 1 will be enough.



Sky is thrilled to "star" in today's post. Lately he's become very interested in my blog. He's proud that my stories about him teach people about kids with "special brains." Show him your support by clicking over to Facebook (link) and becoming a fan or leaving a comment.

In case you're interested, the entire thing is broken into sections below.  Click on the pictures for more detail. (One day I will figure out how to take better pictures so that white paper will actually look white. Until then...)





Jewel said...

Awesome, I wish I could draw half that well. Wonderful story Sky!! Thank you for sharing! :D

Mom on the Edge said...

Thanks! He definitely gets his artistic ability from his dad. I'd like to think I influenced his sense of humor, though.

Sandra Timmerman said...

Wow, nice drawing and story :-)