Saturday, February 16, 2013

Recap: Sometimes These Posts Write Themselves (For An Entire Week, And I Can't Complain Even If The Whole Family Is Completely Loony)

I started the week thinking I might be able to pull off two or three posts given my lack of time and inspiration, but then Ren left some odd things in our online shopping cart, and Sky came home from school with the most awesome comic ever, and I was reinvigorated.

In case you missed the excitement, here's a recap. Click on titles to go to the posts.

On Monday, in "It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times," I describe what's been going right for Sky at school and what hasn't. This year, for the first time, Sky's teacher talked to his class about his ASD, and it's made a big difference.

"Does Any of This Seem Strange to You?" is my take on the things I found in our Amazon shopping cart. I got so distracted by what I found there, I didn't realize I hadn't bought the book I planned to purchase until two days later.

In "Sometimes These Posts Just Write Themselves," I offer you the world premier of Sky's latest comic. I think you'll be fascinated by it. I was. And also a tad disturbed.

Thursday, I wrote the obligatory Valentine's post, "How Does He Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways." Don't tell Ren what I wrote. He might get a big head, and we really don't need that.

Lest you start to think our life resembles something on a Hallmark card, I felt I needed to tell you the real story of our Valentine's Day in "A Valentine's Vignette." I swear I didn't plan to post on Friday, but my whole family seems keen on keeping me busy with their antics.

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