Saturday, February 9, 2013

Recap: I May Not Have Been in My Right Mind

I started coming down with something early in the week, so my posting sputtered a tad. Still, here's the week in review in case you missed it. Click on titles to go to posts.

On Monday, I wrote a post called "Your Perfect Child." It's in response to my experience with one particular couple at Sky's school but relates to many similar experiences I know we've all had when taking our autism spectrum kids out into the world. It may be a bit on the heavy side, but I'm glad I finally figured out a way to express my thoughts on the subject.

On Tuesday, I was too tired to think, so I let the kids write my post. In "This Post is Brought to You by the Letter P and the Number WTH!" Sky reflects on Christmas and rocket landing gear (hahaha, just now autocorrect put "fear" instead of "gear" and that might actually be more accurate), and Pink P seeks to broaden her artistic horizons. She fails, and it's all Ren's fault.

On Wednesday Stow and I took a little trip to the pediatric gastroenterologist, but I'll write more about that later. By Thursday, the cold caught up with me.

Somehow on Friday, in my congestion-induced haze, I was able to write "A Post about Gymnastics when My Head is Fuzzy with a Cold." The story of our accidental gymnastics paraprofessional is a good one, though I'm not sure I communicated it well in my post. If you think this post is bad, you should've seen the intro class I taught that day.

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