Saturday, February 2, 2013

Recap: Close Encounters of the Unknown Kind

It was a weird week at the Moe household. If you missed any of the excitement, here's a little recap (click the titles to link to the posts):

You know how they say, "It takes a village?" I've discovered it also doesn't hurt to have a geologist. After a hard weekend, a chat I had with my geologist friend awhile back gave me the courage I needed to keep going. I wrote about it in "Well, At Least They Probably Won't Become Extinct." I mean, in the long run, isn't that all that matters?

Tuesday started out with a little more vomit than I typically like that early in the morning. In What Magic is This? I talk about Ren's secret cure for the pukes (you have to read it to find out). And, again, I am amazed by the tricks up his sleeve.

I Think Aliens Maybe Abducted My Kids describes the completely unexpected change in behavior that occurred in my kids midweek. After complete mayhem over the weekend, suddenly they acted like no children of mine. The only possible explanation? Aliens.

In "There May Be Something to this Alien Thing," I wonder whether the aliens got a hold of Stow, too. How else can you explain his sudden ability to talk? I mean, alien invasion definitely makes the most sense.

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