Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Manic Mornings

Some bloggers do Silent Sundays. Others, Wordless Wednesdays.  These are chances to take a step back and reflect on an image or an idea. There's not a lot of time for silence or meditation at my house, so instead, I bring you Manic Mornings,  a list of the stream of thoughts Sky bombards me with in the first minute I'm awake. Invariably these mornings come when I've had little sleep and am too tired to form a coherent response. So, here you go:

Manic Morning (Wednesday, February 20)

*Violet blue is my favorite color. (Me: I think you mean "royal" blue. He continues unfazed...) Violet blue is so great. It's bright, shiny, and cheerful. It makes me think of the sky.  Only brighter. Do you like violet blue?

*While you were gone yesterday Stow hit me three times, sat on me two times, scratched this eye once, screamed, and climbed over the back of the couch five times. We really need to do something about him, Mom. 

*Instead of giving up my whole Kindle for Lent how about if I just give up my apps. 

*Can we get a pet fish? I really think my tadpole died because he was old. I'm sure I won't kill a fish. 

*Is today a school day or the weekend?

*Why is Pink P still sleeping? She should be up by now. 

*The new Sim City looks awesome! I saw a picture of it in my magazine. You can build talk buildings and the people look realistic. You can even put one level on top of another level. 

*Can we test whether I'm allergic to hamsters or guinea pigs? I bet I'm not, and I really want a pet. It's not fair I'm allergic to cats and dogs.


Just for kicks, here's the picture I would have posted if "Wordless Wednesdays" existed at my house:

Getting ready for Girl's Day.

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