Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Shockingly Imperfect Solution

You know how I've been complaining lately about the fact that kids seem to get sweets and junk food just about everywhere they go? Well, one place, at least has come up with an alternative: Pink P's dance class. After each lesson the girls can choose from the candy bin or from the goody bin. Instead of suckers with red dye or M&Ms that she can't eat, Pink now has a chance to choose from stickers, tattoos, plastic jewelry, and even a few little books. So, for a brief, shining moment, it seemed like we'd overcome the special diet issue, at least at dance class.

Then one day, she came out clutching a temporary tattoo in her hand. "Look what I got, Mommy!" she said proudly, shoving it into my face so I could get a good look. What she "got" was an arm band tattoo that had butterflies made out of skull and cross bones. Yes, that's right. My daughter's preschool dance teacher's collection of temporary tattoos includes goth arm bands. Perfect.

"Wow, honey," I replied. "That's big." I mean, what could I have said? She was so excited to have gotten a prize.

"Can I put it on when we get home?" she asked eagerly.

"You'd better wait. Tonight's bath night, and you don't want it to wash off, right?"

Pink P agreed that this made sense, and (of course) as soon as she forgot about the tattoo, I put it in a safe place where no one would find it. Ever again.

Problem solved.

Only, not quite.

Today, after dance class, Pink selected another skull and cross bones butterfly arm band tattoo because, well,  why wouldn't she? (Note to self: remind dance teacher to remove inappropriate tattoos from preschool prize bin).

"Mommy, we have to make sure this one doesn't get lost, okay?"

I didn't see a way around it this time. So, after bath, I agreed to help Pink apply the new tattoo. We decided that maybe it wasn't appropriate for school, so it needed to be hidden by her clothing. After much discussion and debate, we thought we'd found the ideal spot.

On her thigh.

Only, in retrospect, that might not have been such a good idea.

Especially since tomorrow she has swim lessons.


Tenntrace said...

Well, it's not VERY skull-y. And at least it will probably wash off at swim lessons. And if not, she will need to wash off the chlorine when she gets home so the soap should take care of what's left.

Mom on the Edge said...

You're so right! It's almost gone post swim lesson and bath! Now if I can just remember to talk to the dance teacher...

Anonymous said...

It looks kinda tribal to me. Methinks dance teacher needs to stock her prize box with cuter tattoos. ; )


Mom on the Edge said...

I agree. I'm thinking about supplying her with our leftover party favors. Still can't believe Pink P chose this same awful and inappropriate tattoo twice!

Mama D said...

Too funny! But as a lesser of two evils, a temporary tattoo is fairly benign. Even a big one!