Saturday, January 12, 2013

What You Missed

Since I posted several times this week, you might not have been able to keep up, so here's a recap (click on the titles to link to the posts):

On Saturday I posted "Curses!" about Sky's acquisition of some colorful language at school. In the post I worried about whether his new vocabulary might force me to give this blog an "R" rating.

On Sunday I wrote a follow-up post called "The Vagaries of Language." Some of you wondered why it was such a big deal for my eight-year old to learn a few bad words. So I explained how Sky's relationship with words impacts his world. This post reminds me of a couple of other ones about how language fails us. Check them out by clicking the title.

"The Conversations We Have at Our House"
"To TV or not TV"
"To Diagnose and To Label"

Then on Monday, I posted a guide to Mom In Two Cultures called "So Are You New Here? or Do You Come Here Often? or Hey, Baby What's Your Sign?" to welcome all my new readers.

Wednesday I came clean about the pumpkins in "Why I Should Never Become a Cultural Ambassador or Parenting Advice Guru." Ironically, totally unrelated to my post, the next day Ren discovered both pumpkins are starting to decompose. Yay, they are edging their way slowly off our property.

Thursday we talked about boy parts in "Can I Call this 'Tiny Baby Penises' or Will That Get Me in Trouble?"

And yesterday Sky celebrated some awesome gains this week by using his Kindle all night. Friday's post, "So You Know This Is Just Enough to Jinx Us" tells you all about it.

Thanks for reading!

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FMBMC said...

Very timely. Just yesterday I realized I can no longer check Facebook while L is around. He was looking over my shoulder (yes, he's that tall now) and said, "Does that word say f*@k?" Um, yes, yes it does. Go clean your room.