Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dear Comcast, Really!?!!

Two mini rants for your Tuesday...


Dear Comcast,

Following my last letter (link), Mark Casem from customer care commented on my post offering help. I assume his job is to troll the internet and to offer reassuring comments about Comcast. I suppose this is one way to improve Comcast's public image, but I'd think you might want to follow up by actually doing something for your disgruntled customers.

After checking that Mark was legit, I forwarded my previous complaint to the e-mail address he provided, requesting a prompt reply.

And, I heard nothing.

In fact, instead of receiving a response to my grievance, yesterday I got my newest bill. And guess what? It was even higher than my bill the previous month--you know, the one that prompted me to complain in the first place. So, not only did you fail to address my concerns about bill inflation as requested, you actually increased it by an additional 5%! Are you kidding me?

I'm not sure what else to do but cancel my account, so I'll be calling in the next few days to do so. Oh, and I will also be sure to encourage all the readers of my blog to avoid Comcast if at all possible (and, when not possible, to request a rate guarantee in writing when establishing their accounts).


Mom on the Edge


WTF, C.diff?!??** Why not go pick on someone your own size for awhile? The other day, when I talked to the on-call doctor about Stow's gut problems, I gave Stow's birth date as "June of 11." The doc thought I meant that Stow's 101 instead of 1. Why? Because only old people are supposed to get C.diff, that's why. Granted, before we realized his mistake, the doc's misunderstanding led to a really funny conversation about wheelchairs and COPD, but still.

After three rounds of that horrible medicine (link), I'd think you could find a more hospitable environment somewhere else. We've become way too familiar with all the nice people at the hospital lab, and we know way too much about how to collect poop. We've scraped it, scooped it, smeared it, and dipped it. We even put some of it in the mail. Oh, and even though they say you should line the diaper with Saran wrap to get a clean sample, we know that's a very, very bad idea.

So, go away C. diff and let us move on to more cheerful pursuits.***


** Unfamiliar with C-diff? Click here.

***I was going to make a list of all sorts of unpleasant tasks that are still better than collecting poop, but I didn't want to gross anyone out this early in the morning. So, let's say "laundry" and "potty training" and "throwing away rotten pumpkins" (link) and leave it at that!

UPDATE: On February 13, 2013 the most amazing thing happened. I got my Comcast bill, and it was correct!!! I'm not ready to believe Comcast has its sh*t together, but it's a start.

UPDATE AGAIN: Alas, my bill dated 3/7/13 has inexplicably gone back up. COMCAST SU*KS!


Anne said...

Best thing with Comcast is to cancel. You will either be done with them forever, or they will give you a good rate. Once many years ago I could not get a prescription filled because they had me down as 85 instead of 25. Good luck!

FMBMC said...

Saran wrap on the inside of a diaper??? Oh, that is a VERY bad idea, indeed! I can't even describe the bad feeling I get from that one.

I got rid of Comcast, then got Netflix and an antenna, and have never been happier!

ComcastCares1 said...

Hi there!

Looks like I found you again :)

I apologize for any confusion, but based on our records, we received your email 1/2/13 and had one of our colleagues contact you to assist. I will definitely follow up with my local contacts to find out what happened and have someone call you to assist further.

Again, I apologize for the trouble.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Mama D said...

Hey Mark,

Instead of following her around the Internet, fix the problem!!! Not 'have someone call her'...FIX IT. Geez.

Tenntrace said...

Okay, Mark, that's really creepy. This just reinforces the bad feeling your company created for me after my 2 hour phone call the other day. I cross posted my displeasure on fb (with your company tag) just to let you know. Don't bother stalking me tho, I doubt I'll ever have warm fuzziness about comcast again.

Anonymous said...

Ughh...I feel your pain, MOE. My Comcast internet rate recently jumped up from $39 to $74. You read that right, $74 for internet ONLY! I'm dreading making those customer service calls. I vote for cutting the cable. I get about 20 channels (including 2 kids channels and NHK) with my antenna.


Mom on the Edge said...

Thanks for the moral support, everyone! So far, no word from Comcast...

Steffikins said...

As much as it pains me to say it, any company will do this. Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Direct TV, we even had problems with Netflix! I moved across the country and Comcast doesn't exist around here, Time Warner is the monopoly holder in these parts... And my boyfriend had a HUGE ordeal with them a few weeks ago that consisted of being hung up on mulitiple times, no call backs when promised, fake names given to him and even BOLD-FACED LIES given to him by "managers". It took a total of 34 hours (yes, I counted) over the course of only 3 days to get it MOSTLY straightened out (he was still so mad about being treated the way he was that I can't call it completely resolved). So I feel your pain as well MOE... When people ask my boyfriend how is day is going, his reply is always "same crap, different day", well in this situation I can assure you "same crap, different company"... It's sad, really... :(