Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crash Helmets Optional

Stow's OT ran another sensory assessment of him. Generally, I'm not a fan of these assessments because I always tend to overthink anything that is multiple choice. Plus, whenever I take any kind of test aimed at producing a useful profile, I can't resist trying to outsmart the assessment. That's how I ended up with a career profile in high school that said I was most suited to becoming a minister or a butcher.

So I filled out Stow's sensory profile on my own but then decided that was a stupid thing to do since not only am I bad at these things, but I also don't spend as much time with Stow as Ren does. So, I started over and did the whole thing again, this time in careful consultation with Ren. The end result looked like some kind of football playbook.

We must've done something right, though, because the profile confirmed everything we'd suspected. Stow tests as having low registration and a propensity for sensory seeking behavior (much like his older brother, sigh). Remember how infant Stow lost weight and had severe ear infections without fussing (link)? You know how super chill and zen he always seems to be (link)? Low registration.

The low registration stuff's actually not so bad (well, except for the fact that Stow's clearly not engaging with his world quite like he should be). But this is where it gets interesting. See, sensory seeking behavior in toddlers is hard to miss. Think Evil Knievil in a diaper (okay, be honest, how many of you did I lose with that cultural reference?). A toddler with low registration and sensory seeking behaviors is a toddler who likes to crash. A lot. If you come to our house, you will get head butted, and it will only hurt you. I promise. This week alone, Ren, Sky, and I have all gotten a good blow to the face from the head of a certain thrill-seeking one-year old. Tonight, as Sky wept through the fat lips his little brother had inflicted upon him, I reminded him that the best offense was a good defense.....No, wait. That's not it. The best defense is the best defense. Duck and cover, friend. Duck and cover. That, or invest in a good helmet.


Kristi said...

Hi, I just found your blog this morning via Joy's blog I can say mama and I'm so glad I did. This post really cracked me up. My 3 1/2 year old used to head butt us all a LOT but thankfully, no longer. He's on the spectrum, too. Going to go read some of your other posts now :)

Mama D said...

My son has spatial awareness issues. He never head-butted, but would regularly go through people instead of around was almost like he didn't notice that someone was in his way. Fortunately something that has improved a lot with OT!

Mom on the Edge said...

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy.

Mom on the Edge said...

One time Sky got into trouble in kindergarten because he tried to help by picking up a piece of paper his teacher dropped and handing it tow her. Of course, he climbed up and over the girl sitting in front of him without even realizing it. Sigh.