Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gobble, Gobble (or Happy Pukesgiving)

We had this conversation tonight:

Pink P: (Playing with her handmade paper turkey under our feet while we cooked) Cluck, cluck. Cluck, cluck.

Me: Gobble, gobble.

Pink P: Huh?

Me: Gobble, gobble, not cluck, cluck.

Pink P: (Distractedly) Cluck, cluck.

Ren: Pink, speak Japanese!

Me: How do you say gobble, gobble in Japanese?

Ren: What?

Me: Gobble, gobble. In Japanese?

Ren: .....

Me: You know. A cat says meow and a dog says bark. But, what does a turkey say?

Ren: Dunno. I'd never even seen a turkey until I came to the US.

Pink P: Cluck, cluck.

There you have it. Thanksgiving in two cultures. The only thing that would make this party more fun? Vomiting. Lucky for us, we have some of that, too. So here's hoping your thanksgiving is full of family and fun but NOT full of puking preschoolers and toddlers!

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