Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sky and the Art of DIY

Sometimes when I walk into the play room, this is what I see.

And it used to be that something like this would really annoy me. I mean, with all the toys and other stuff the kids have to occupy them, why must they take apart the sofa?

And then I learned about sensory processing disorder and what it means to need a little compression now and again. Temple Grandin had her cow squeezer. We have this:

Frankly, I'm glad Sky found an alternative to having a huge contraption in the middle of the play room. A weighted blanket might also do the trick, but they're expensive! And my DIY attempts were a dismal failure. If you figure out how to sew compartments into a blanket so that hundreds of navy beans stay in place, please let me know! And, then, please tell me how I can wash a blanket full of beans without something going terribly, terribly wrong.

Oh, just in case you missed it, the side-by-side (AKA "dummy") version:

(Click to enlarge)

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Kelster said...

this tutorial that I saw uses machine washable pellets. Lots of sewing though: