Thursday, August 2, 2012

Who's Got the Skillz?

Ren told me not to post this:

He said if I posted it, you all would know I couldn't sew.

I admit it, I can't sew. Well, that's not entirely true. If pressed, if a dire situation called for it, I could sew. It wouldn't be pretty, but I could do it. But the beauty of it is that I don't have to. Ren likes to sew, and he's totally willing to take on a challenge (in this case, shortening curtains to fit the living room windows). I don't, and I won't.

So it turns out we're perfect for each other.

In case you're worried, I'm not without skills. Check this out:

That's right. That's some of my special homemade toddler mush: daikon radish, carrots, seaweed, peas, and bonito flakes, all mixed with tri-color rotini.

The babies, they love it.

Apparently, it's positively irresistible.


FMBMC said...

I once spent Christmas Day evening sewing up a sopping wet chew toy because Sadie (our dog) had ripped out the squeaker (her specialty) and was despondent when I put it out of her reach to dry. I couldn't take the whining and sad, worried looks she cast its direction for hours. Truly pathetic. And the grossest thing I've ever had to sew.

Keyla said...

When I bought my very first house it came with the curtains - the way too long, peed on by a dog for years curtains... into the wash they went (twice), then to the sewing machine - I'd have gladly given the job to someone else if they wanted it! I don't hate sewing but I don't love it. I do love curtains that don't drag on my floors scooping up dog hair though! Kudos to Ren for taking on that job!