Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome Back, Ren (Phew)!

So Ren is starting to feel better three weeks after his second major back surgery in five months. And, fortunately, recovery seems to be a little faster this time, despite the fact it was a much bigger surgery.

The kids are ecstatic to have daddy back. Because instead of this:

They get this:

And this:

Which reminds me of something that has been puzzling me for awhile now. What's with the bento craze? When I hear the word bento, I think of the boxed lunches that are part of every day life in Japan. When I first got married and we still lived in Japan, bentos were the bane of my existence. Why are they so popular here? Clearly the word doesn't reference the same thing, and it confuses me.

But, here, since I know many of you probably have a love for bentos that I just don't share:

A gratuitous bento box picture just for you!

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Mom on the Edge said...

A~and I spoke too soon! Since that week of awesome bento-making, Ren's been pretty much back to lying in bed most of the day. Sigh.