Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pink P, Ninja Sleeper

After years of multiple night-time awakenings, the pediatrician ordered a sleep test for Pink P. Her reasoning: before we tighten the screws with behavioral interventions, we need to make sure there are no medical reasons for Pink's actions. After years of disciplining Sky for doing stuff caused by his ASD, I'm all for making sure I don't do the same thing to his sister. 

Pink was unnaturally excited about the idea of sleeping in the hospital with Mommy. Seems she interpreted it as a girls night out (Maybe we should get out more?). The new pajamas with pink fleece shorts certainly helped. Beforehand, we talked to her about the procedure. Sky explained it best: "They're gonna put a bunch of stickers on you, but it won't hurt." Just in case, I packed a couple of her favorite DVDs.

It turns out I shouldn't have been worried about whether or not Pink P would sleep. But I should have worried about whether the one-year old in the room next door was going to sleep. It kinda stinks to leave my own one-year old at home only to have a different one-year old keep me up all night. At least with my own kid, I get a chance to sit in a cozy chair and snuggle. The most ridiculously uncomfortable pull-out couch at the sleep center didn't help my mood at all. And seriously, if you're going to do sleep tests, shouldn't you soundproof the walls and put the helipad on the other side of the building?

But enough about me and my grumpiness. Here's a picture (click to enlarge):

For the record: she slept like a rock. Probably better than's she's slept in a long time. In fact, she's slept soundly every night since. Figures.

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