Monday, July 2, 2012

Pink P Learns to Skate

I took Sky and Pink P roller skating. Because, you know, it went so well the first time. (Actually, because Sky got a free skate pass, and it was going to expire. You know I can't pass up a good deal).

Ren's back was doing its backy thing, so I took all three kids to the rink alone. Not sure why I considered this a good plan, though I am beginning to think that maybe I should lower my expectations regarding my ability to demonstrate common sense--especially when there's a coupon involved.

Since I had to watch Stow, I couldn't skate (darn), so I sent Sky and Pink out on the floor with a "skate buddy" (a.k.a. PVC pipes on wheels). Before you start worrying: no one was injured.

Fortunately, there were only about ten people there. Plenty of room for them to:

fall down...

skate in the wrong direction...

and take extended breaks on the floor.

But what blew my mind was Pink P's tenacity. She demonstrated the sheer grit she utilizes on a daily basis when dealing with a big brother on the spectrum and a baby brother who always encroaches on her turf.

She fell down.

And got back up.

She face planted into the skate buddy.

And got back up.

She hit her head. (Sorry for the blurry picture--I was on the move to make sure she was okay. She was.)

And got back up.

She just kept skating.

And soon, she figured out how to skate.

And despite the trials and tribulations, she took off.

And I saw my future pass before my eyes.


FMBMC said...

You are a brave, brave woman!

Those skate buddies are awesome. I hope our skate rink has them.

Mom on the Edge said...

They are most likely death traps, but they do allow for some independence!