Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got Milk?

Well, it's taken some time, but we've finally embarked on the path toward biomedical/dietary interventions in hopes of lessening Sky's behavioral issues and Pink P's allergy attacks. Many parents (and some researchers) have found that casein and gluten for kids on the spectrum can cause something akin to euphoria. If you know my kids, you know they really don't need any more of that. So off we go...

Step one toward being gluten and casein free (GFCF): eliminate all dairy. As soon as I committed to doing this, I suffered one of my week-long grilled-cheese-on-rye cravings (perfect timing). We started with dairy because it should be easier to remove from our daily menu and because the results of the diet change are usually more apparent quicker than with gluten-related changes.

To begin, I explained to Sky and Pink P how and why our diet was going to change. I listed foods they could no longer consume--milk, chocolate, cheese, yogurt and ice cream--and then pointed out that we could find some fairly tasty alternatives. I didn't mention all the foods with milk as a secondary ingredient--pancakes come to mind--because I didn't want to trigger a panic meltdown. I still haven't pointed out that pancakes are off-limits for fear of incurring their displeasure during the first weeks of this process. At some point, I totally expect Sky and Pink P to be displeased, but not quite yet.

Then I took them with me to the store and let them choose milk-alternative drinks and yogurt-alternative snacks. We even bought "Italian ice" (a.k.a ice with flavor) because there was no way I was gong to spend $8 on a quart of coconut milk ice cream (incidentally, Ren's impulse buy of an ice cream/sorbet maker at Costco a couple of months ago--it was on sale--looks a bit like premeditated genius right about now). Since milk and cheese have always given Pink P eczema, the kids are already familiar with milk alternatives. They even like some of it.

So far, good. I just need to remember we are now dairy-free and be vigilant when we are out. I also need to speak up the next time Big Sissy visits and wakes up early and makes pancakes because she forgot to read the label on the mix and had only learned about the dairy-free thing 12 hours before.



Katie said...

Make pancakes with rice milk or almond milk! It works! Recipes are way more adaptable than recipe-writers would have you believe. ;)

(I'm GF and low FODMAPs, which is glorified lactose intolerance but with some other intolerances to fructose, fructans, galactose, and such...)

Kati said...

Congratulations! This is such a big step!!!

By the way, if you don't already have a Cuisinart ice cream maker it is a fabulous option - just simmer some frozen berries, blend (I like a stick blender) and then chill them. Then throw the berries + some applesauce (or pear sauce) into the ice cream maker - it is PHENOMENAL. Especially pear with raspberry (but this one is a labor of love b/c you have to strain the raspberry seeds).

Also, I have an amazing pancake recipe (GAPS friendly so it's both GF and CF and you would be able to keep it in your diet even when you discontinue gluten) on -- it's in a post (probably Nov of last year) called "These Pancakes are Off the Chain." My husband is crazy for them and he doesn't even keep GFCF outside of the home...

Best of luck!

Mom on the Edge said...

Thanks for the tips. We certainly need them! My husband impulse-bought that very machine a couple of months ago. Getting it out and figuring out how it works is the next step in my (very-slowly followed) plan.

Do you blend the berries until they are the same consistency as apple sauce?

Anonymous said...

Almomd milk all the way! That is all I drink. The vanilla flavor tastes like a milkshake, your pumpkins will love it! Get elizabth Hasselbecks glutton free cookbook. It is on amazon. She has kids close to the ages of yours, I think it will be very helpfully for you. Also for your next grill cheese attack use soy cheese, that is what I use and love it! You can do this!!! Julie

Sandra Timmerman said...

You might try and visit; or;
and mom on a mission;

We tried, and Gerben didn't respond, and Hessel did benefit but his weight didn't increase... so we had to try other ways.
Good luck,

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this on top of everything else! King Arthur's Flour's GF pancake mix works great with soy or almond milk (and even egg replacer!). It tastes a bit better if you add some vanilla extract..... Some dark chocolates are fine. Check out the cookbook "Cooking for Isaiah" -- all GFCF, and it has a delicious pumpkin muffin recipe. Gluten-Free Pantry's "Decadent Chocolate Cake" mix works out well with a soy yoghurt, margarine, and egg replacer.... Ciao Bella's chocolate sorbet helps satisfy the chocolate ice cream craving (especially after a month or so without tasting the real thing) -- and there's a decent gluten-free ice cream cone you can get, too. Good luck, Sarah (T, from Japan -- I seem to have misplaced your email address. Sorry! Happy to share more once I find it....)