Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Ph.D. by the Numbers

Number of ....

Years it took to finish: 8
(Average time to degree in my field: 10 years)

Times I Thought I was Finished: 3

Dissertation Revisions: 5

Births: 3

Pounds in Total Birth Weight: 27

Months Spent Breast-feeding While Studying/Writing/Teaching: 36

Times My Dissertation Adviser Told Me to "Quit Worrying about Funding and Just Write My Dissertation": 10 (at least)

Courses Taught: 19

Relocations: 6

Residences: 5

Countries: 2

International Flights with Small Children: 12

Suitcases Carried Back and Forth: 7 (plus 23 boxes when we moved back "for good")

Hospitalizations: 9

Total Days in Hospital: 25

Major Surgeries: 6

Unwanted Diagnoses: 5

Peditricians: 7

And after all that,
The Number of Sane Adults in My Household Today: 0

1 comment:

Mama Melch said...

Congratulations on finishing and your sanity will surely return at some point. How many years until your youngest goes to college? Jk! :-)