Monday, April 2, 2012

Thai Food and Sushi

Before you go any further, I should probably admit that this is a blog post about nothing. 

No, that's not entirely true. It's really about how I had one sane afternoon and how that made me realize I should try to have more of them. (I also realized that maybe I shouldn't travel all the way across the country to experience sanity, but I'm still working on the details).


I did an amazing, unbelievable, absolutely unfathomable thing. I went to see a movie. And not just any movie, an art film at a theater for independent films. I can hardly believe it. And you know what I did before the movie? I. Ate. Thai. Food.

 I know. Right?

The movie was Jiro Dreams of Sushi. So not a movie Ren would agree to see at the theater. He has a clear policy about this kind of thing: if it's not chock-full of special effects, no need to spend money to see it at the theater. (This makes a lot of sense, actually,  but it also means we almost never see movies I want to see.) The only special effects in Jiro were the camera angle and the extreme zoom. Who knew a piece of sushi could be so stinkin' dynamic? Ren's right, it probably wasn't worth $7, but time spent alone seeing a movie I wanted to see without anyone spilling sticky drinks on my shoes, dropping popcorn in my lap, or crawling all over me totally was. 

The Thai food was from one of the carts in a cart pod down the street from Powell's Books (a way cool place, by the way). Red curry with tofu on rice. Heavenly. Especially since I can't get that kind of thing where we live. Forget the fact I had to sit at a picnic table, barely sheltered from the wind and rain in order to eat it. I'd totally do it again.

So yeah, I had to pawn my kids off on my spouse, my parents and Big Sissy (a logistical challenge to be sure), I had to endure a brutal work/flight schedule in order to get out to Portland to give my paper, and I had to pump like a madwoman in hopes that Stow didn't totally wean himself, but those twelve hours of freedom, the first hours of freedom I've had in a long , long time, were so very, very worth it.


Sandra Timmerman said...

Next week, April 12th, I am going away for my work for 2 days.No family member in tow. This is what it must feel like :-)

Mama Melch said...

Ahhh, the elusive dream of alone time. Every time I go to a conference the task of coordinating care is such a pain, but it is totally worth the relaxed and rejuvenated mama that comes home.

On a much different note: come to Berlin where 1/2 the Thai restaurants also offer Sushi on the menu (Vietnamese & Chinese too). I always do a double-take of the menu.

Mom on the Edge said...

It stinks that our "breaks" are for work...

FMBMC said...

Seriously? Ren and my husband have the same movie policy, so it's been so long since I've seen a movie I picked that I have NO IDEA what type of movie I like anymore. We should send them to a movie together and see what we want. We could leave all the kids with Big Sissy...Bwahahahahaha!!!!