Friday, February 3, 2012

Slowed but not Silenced!

Well, I haven't had time to blog, what with the continued saga of Ren's back, a round of pink eye, followed by a round of bronchitis, leading to Sky-rific regressive behavior at school. Then there was the discovery that Stow is losing weight instead of gaining it. Turns out he's just super mellow and if we keep feeding him, he will keep eating, but if we don't, he will just go about his business without raising the slightest suspicion. Who knew he was hungry? Obviously we didn't.

I did get a shout out from RFML today (though, they didn't mention me by name--those of you who have followed Sky's antics for awhile know that only he would name baby Pink P "Phallus." And, no, her real name is not Phyllis). Apparently Lydia thinks Sky's as funny as I do. You can see the link here. And, while you're at it, track back to the video. It's pretty great.

Meanwhile, once I am sane enough to construct a coherent sequence of ideas, I will be back in full force! I've been saving stuff up--lots to tell you, I promise!

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FMBMC said...

Thinking of you and hoping you get some relief soon!