Monday, October 24, 2011

The Conversations We Have at Our House

This is the conversation we had at dinner last night:

Ren: (in Japanese and then self-translated into English) This has baby bamboo in it. (take no ko = child of bamboo)
Sky: (Mortified) We're eating bamboo babies?
Mom on the Edge: (to Dad in effort to calm Sky) In English, they're called 'bamboo shoots.'
Pink P: Why do people shoot bamboo? Won't they hit the panda bears?

This got me thinking about some of the other odd conversations we've had lately, so I thought I'd post a few.

As he left me to board a plane to Japan this summer, meaning we'd be apart for several weeks, Sky: "Mommy, my spit makes my throat numb. And, it tastes like greens." (Since we're not from the south, I wondered if he knew what "greens" were. He did.)


My first conversation of the day:

Pink: [Bang, bang, bang!] "Mommy, open the door!"
Me: "I'm in the shower, what is it?"
Pink: [Bang, bang, bang, bang!] "Mommy, hurry!"
Me: "Honey, what is it?"
Pink: "I think my bed is too small."


Sky, reflecting on the big questions in life: "I just don't know if I believe in Jesus (pause) or Santa (pause) or Curious George (pause pause pause). Wait, Curious George is a cartoon so I KNOW he's not real..."


Sky has a tendency to wake up super early. This gives him time to think about things. Here are some examples of the first words I have heard, usually at about 5 a.m.:

"My spine is useless."
"You should really wear more dresses."
"Mommy, I don't have a girlfriend."
‎"Mommy, did you know that a toilet is a type of chair? It's a type of chair that has a hole in it..."


A typical response to any new haircut I get:

Sky: "I liked your old hair".
Pink P: "Mommy, you're not a BOY."
Ren: "Did you MEAN to do that?"

(Pink P was relentless. On day two she asked why I didn't put it back on in the shower, and on day three she declared I was her "best boy!")


After explaining to Sky (upon being questioned) that I don't wear skirts because I have always been a tomboy and prefer pants, and after explaining, against my better judgment, what a tomboy was, he said (exactly what I expected him to say): "Then I'm a tomgirl--I like doing girl things and boy things."


Pink P: Knock, knock
Me: Who's there?
Pink P: Strawberry Pink P because you eat them!


Excerpt from a conversation on the way *home* from school (after a call from the school nurse):
"We both threw up on the same table. Ryan threw up first, but I threw up more!"


‎"Mom, Pink P doesn't know anything. She doesn't even know what 'alliteration' means!"


Sky, as we are walking out the door to school, "When I grow up, I want to own a store that sells hats, gloves, and sweater pants."


Sky: Dad have you ever seen a rainbow?
Ren: Yes, I walked on top of one once.
Sky: (after a brief pause to consider this) No you didn't! Rainbows are made from water and sunlight. You'd fall through. Only angels walk on rainbows because they have wings.


"Mom, boys have pennies and girls don't."


"Mom, first there were dinosaurs and then people. What do you think will come when people are gone: robots or aliens?"


There are all sorts of reasons communication is challenging at our house. There's the bilingual thing, the pragmatic language thing and the verbal processing thing. Still, it makes for some pretty interesting conversations!


Anonymous said...

"[I]t makes for some pretty interesting conversations!"

Boy howdy, truer words were never spoken.

I've really been enjoying reading your blogs; thank you so much for posting them.

Mom on the Edge said...

Thanks. Last night Sky asked, "What do normal, I mean American people like my friends at school, eat?" I guess he figured they probably weren't eating salmon teriyaki and miso soup like we were. I couldn't figure out if he thought that was good or not, though.

taradon said...

SO funny

Mom on the Edge said...

UPDATE: Just yesterday, after seeing a female newscaster with short hair, Pink P told me, "Mommy, I won't call you a boy any more. Okay?" For the record, I got this short haircut back in August. It has taken some time for her to come around!