Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Best Offense is a Good Defense...

The most fascinating thing happened. I went to a case conference at Sky's school, and everyone agreed. We agreed that even though Sky performs at or above grade level, he has enough PDD-NOS funkiness to warrant special education support. We agreed that Sky needs OT support. That he should get speech therapy at school, and that he needs a social skills group, which he can also get at school.

I'm not convinced that I haven't slipped into an alternate reality. Because, you know what else? Not one of the 10 people at that meeting said anything even remotely crazy or unexpected. Believe me, I double checked just to be sure. Plus, Stow sat peacefully on Ren's lap and smiled and/or slept through the entire thing.

Our last meeting with part of the case conference group was literally a week after Stow was born, and ever since we have been employing the cute-baby defense. Now that he smiles non-stop (except when he's sleeping--that'd get a little creepy after awhile), it's particularly effective. He grins. He coos. And no one has the heart to be a jerk. Whatever it takes, people, whatever it takes.

For the record, it only took 9 months since the diagnosis to get to this point (and 14 months since we decided to get Sky evaluated). The word perseverance has taken on a whole new meaning.

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FMBMC said...

Are there rainbows and Skittles falling from the sky? I think I see a unicorn behind that tree over there.

Mom on the Edge said...

My sentiments exactly.