Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Songs of Pink P

It has been an incredibly quiet couple of days (minus the gall bladder surgery). Ren and Sky have gone off on a Japan adventure without the rest of us. (No, I didn't decide to stay home because I was afraid I would drop Stow on the plane like I did Pink P when she was his age.... Well... okay, maybe a little).

The first thing I have noticed without Sky around is that living with Pink P is a bit like living in a fairy tale. I ask her to do something, and, generally, she immediately and willingly complies. Not only that, she usually sings some incredibly cheerful song while she is doing it. I keep looking for animated songbirds to start twirling around her head tweeting in tune, but so far, nothing.

Her songs go something like this:

I love my mommy ♬ ♬
I love my daddy ♬ ♬
I love my grandma ♬ ♬
I love my grandpa ♬ ♬
I love my brothers ♬ ♬
I love Big Sissy ♬ ♬
I love my ba-chan ♬ ♬
(repeat, ad infinitum)


We've been visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma picked up a Barbie at a garage sale. I am NOT a fan of Barbie, but this Barbie is the worst. It sings:

"I'm just like you. ♬ You're just like me. ♬ It's something anyone can see. ♬ A heart that beats, a a voice that speaks the truth. ♬ Yes, I am a girl like you." ♬


"When you live your dreams, you'll find destiny is written in your he~art.♬"

OK, first of all, no one, I repeat, no one is a girl like Barbie. That's just creepy. Second, the cause and effect on the second song is confusing. What does it mean? I have no idea. And as I sit, slowly and painfully recovering from gall bladder surgery, I ponder this question at length and to no avail.

So there's been a lot of dancing and singing and twirling and skipping this week. It stinks that Pink P is so darn cute, spinning around, holding Barbie's hands and singing these songs. Curse advertisers and toy manufacturers who capitalize on cute little girls!

This article from the Huffington Post helps a little. And I've always been a fan of Jean Kilbourne's take on adverstising.

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